Journey into your soul with me...

Find deep intelligence, understanding, peace of mind,

true self-love and -respect, and tremendous power hidden within your soul.

Let me show you an easier & more graceful way to heal powerfully.

Private Akashic Light Language Healing Ceremoy:

Past/Parallel Lifetimes, Soul Purpose Discovery, Soul Fragment Retrievals, Light Language Activation

Deep Trauma & Pain Healing

Sexual Energy Restorative Healing

Poverty/Scarcity Programming Healing

Fears, Insecurities, Phobias, Ancestral Lineage Trauma, and Deep Sexual, Intimacy, and Relationship Trauma Healing

Meet Your Galactic Family and Origins

Communicate with Your Ancestors & Do Deep Ancestral Healing

Communicate with Your Passed Loved One

Half Day ( Around 4 Hours) -


*(Currently $500 off for Dragon Temple Ceremony Participants)

*(Divince Guidance Packages Available Below)

Group Akashic Reading & Light Language Healing Ceremonies

New Dates Every Month


Deep Trauma Therapy & Interdimensional Channeling: 12-Week WEEK PROGRAM

Become a strong interdimensional channeler and healer

Deep Trauma Therapy & Healing

Multiple Akashic Reading & Light Language Healing Ceremonies

Become a Sovereign Priestess & Healer

Join the Dragon Council of Light

$6000 | Normal Tuition

$5000 | Ceremony Price Tuition

Non-Jealous & Secure: Relationship & Sexual Intimacy Therapy & Healing

Call in the Healthiest Relationship of Your Dreams, through your own transformation.

3 x 60 Minute Sessions



Energy Exchange

Full Private Half Day Healing Session: $1000

* Divine Guidance Package for

Those Who Are Committed to Ascension *

THREE x 4 Hour Sessions | 2800

Includes 1 Month of Channeled Divine Guidance through Calls & Messages

SIX x 4 Hour Sessions | 5000

Includes 2 Month of Channeled Divine Guidance through Calls & Messages

TEN x 4 Hour Sessions | 8000

Includes 3 Month of Channeled Divine Guidance through Calls & Messages


About the Teacher & Healer

Harmony Onyu Lee is an academically-trained neuroscientist, former university professor, intimacy educator & healer, and interdimensional trauma specialist, who has experienced and healed deep traumas of her own.

After transcending her own deeply-reaching traumas, she changed her career path in medical research to provide healing to those experiencing the aftermaths of Trauma, so that they may have to suffer less than she did.

Furthermore, she is an experienced Heart-centered Domme Therapist who is experienced in the art of BDSM therapy to empower both women and men in their self-empowerment, -love, -acceptance, -discovery, and -pleasure journey of healing.

She is equipped with many, many tools ranging from evidence-based scientific neuroscience & psychology research to her special team of interdimensional guides to accompany you on your deep healing journey so that you may become your own greatest healer.

Formal Education

Bachelors in Neuroscience & Chemistry | Northwestern University

Biology, Biochemistry & Genetics Courses | Harvard University

Masters in Pedagogy | Pontificial Universidad Catolica del Ecuador

Internationally Certified Breathwork Facilitator

"I’ve always been curious about the spiritual aspect of life, but remained skeptical for various reasons throughout my life. Especially coming from a scientific background, I was naturally inclined to move away from anything religious or spiritual. This experience really opened my eyes to a world of possibilities with channeling and healing. Harmony provided a safe and encouraging environment that made the whole experience feel effortless and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide. I am really grateful that I took the leap and stepped out of my comfort zone because it was such a healing and serene experience that I will keep with me."

-Jeeyoung L.

"I recently underwent three consecutive healing sessions with Harmony, and the transformation has been profound. Having survived a traumatic motorcycle accident resulting in the loss of my right arm and enduring chronic nerve pain daily, I was skeptical about finding relief. However, Harmony skillfully guided me through the depths of my grief over the three days, addressing the lingering issues left by the accident. Surprisingly, I now find myself not only at peace with my circumstances but feeling genuinely positive about living a fulfilling life despite the constant pain. Harmony provided me with invaluable tools to navigate the challenges ahead, fostering a positive mindset, heightened consciousness, and unwavering motivation. Through her sessions, I've gained a newfound love for life, enabling me to make significant strides in various aspects. I am blessed, compassionate, and profoundly grateful for this life-changing opportunity. Harmony's guidance has equipped me with tools that will undoubtedly remain a cornerstone of my journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle."

-Mikhail Wolf S.

"Despite living a life of low stress, I had been feeling stagnant and lost. I did not want to question Universe and seem like I am ungrateful but I needed to do somethign to get unstuck. Harmony got my energy moving again. I have no idea that I have deep rooted shame and guilt that were holding me back from my full potentials. It makes sense that despite my current state of joy and gratitude, my underlying low frequency emotions were negating my high vibrational emotions and were keeping me from manifesting abundance. Upon reflection, I realized that I am indeed in a state of "joyless job." While I am grateful for it, I now know that feeling is very deeply seated througout many lifetimes. I am looking forward to my transformation and approaching the blessings of having a good job and finding it enjoyable. Healing from disempowerment, shame, and guilt are also eye openers. I got so much out of this session with Harmony. I needed this to unroot blockages. With her guidance, I am now looking forward to positive, wonderful, changes. Thank you so much, Harmony!"

-Rosa K.

"I’ve never met anyone that I felt could pull all that darkness out of me but Harmony. My eyes and my body both felt much better yesterday. Miraculously...

My ego needed to die. All my shame. All my old stories. All my caught up pain. All my false dreams. All my lies I let her burn away. I can’t ascend holding onto all that. I knew it. I finally trusted someone to see it all up close. I feel purified for the first physical time in my life... It felt like a magnet pulling out a metallic poison in the form of words. I see the power of words now... I gave you all my ugly. The opposite of what I always do. I’ve never trusted anyone to do that. I was out of balance. I see how to walk more gently in this life to not get out of balance. To listen and not need to heal them or dump my stories. Just hold space and let it burn. I see how my words can heal not just others but me. I saw the speed of uncontrolled pain being dumped on someone. I feel who you are. You draw darkness to you to heal it. We came here to heal others darkness with our light. It’s brutal. No words can describe how perfect that is. You allowed me to see that from the opposite side. My darkness came to your light and I could not control the speed. I see how that happens to others now for the first time in my life. Thank you... it was the most powerful light I’ve seen. I am purer now. The world is a better place now.

My greatest lesson in alchemy was this last week with you. I am Forever grateful!"

-Mark H

"First of all, when I met Harmony, I didn’t know that she offered any type of healing services. I was learning a lot from Harmony, just by the way she carries herself and the way she leads her life. She leads by a divine example for people to follow. Through her way of being an action, and her what I will call Faith, she’s a pillar of light and inspiration. Our session was deeply healing on many layers. I was able to see an experience so many parallels with how I’m living this life. Painful ones and beautiful ones, where I could see how I’m really responsible for where I am. Validating all the things I know to be true about myself good and bad, has given me tools to step into the version of me that I really wish to be in this life, I am SO grateful that I got to do this with Harmony, and I look forward to many many more healing sessions."

-Monet B.


Heart-Centered Domme Priestess Program

For women who wish to become a Heart-centered Domme Priestess, whether personally or professionally, or simply more balanced in their Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, private & group training programs are available.

Learn to lead with strong yet soft love.

Becoming a Heart-centered Domme is not about domination. It is about creating a space for others to be safely held and completely free.

Whether you are naturally more submissive or dominant in the bedroom, learning to properly hold space for your partner(s) to safely release their fears and need for control in the comfort of your arms is an important tool to hold that you can apply to all facets of your life.

Find out all that you are capable of by embarking on this chapter of sacred sexuality education and enlightenment.

Application for the 2024 Cohort for the HDP Program is now open.

Contact for further information.